What is the most unusual and eye-catching way to tell about yourself, your sport club or your bisness? You may think that all possible ways are already known, and it is simply impossible to invent something really new. But we might have an idea … Why don’t you use video surveillance for this purpose?

Time to move away from the stereotype that video surveillance is used only for security matters, that it’s complicated and expensive. Present-day video surveillance is capable of this and more, and we can prove it!

WLTT cloud video surveillance service has an interesting feature: user has the opportunity to embed a live video stream from the cameras onto a webpage or a blog. Moreover, one can not only browse online video, but also the archive allowing to observe what is happening in real time, and what was happening a while ago – this option creates a sense of presence and the most complete picture of events.

How and why can someone use built-in public cameras?

1. As a pioneering marketing move

In order to attract as many interested people as possible, you need as much transparency as possible, so that potential customers do not feel the presence of any pitfalls and experience confidence to your business.

The idea of full disclosure is an excellent marketing move for cafes, restaurants, clubs and other similar establishments. This is a great opportunity to show how much people like spending time in this place, and a Live Unprocessed and unedited video will become the best and most honest form of advertising.

For example, in a network of pizzerias “Dodo Pizza” every kitchen is equipped with video surveillance cameras, so that customers may know and see with their own eyes that everything out there is kept clean, that pizza is made from quality ingredients and in compliance with all sanitary standards and recipes.

Same approach is currently used by several European and Thai hotels. This allows tourists to get a true sense of the hotel properties, its design, room views, pool and beach facilities – not in photographs but in real time directly from the website. Such an inclusiveness inspires confidence, respect and recognition from customers.

Due to the possibility of cloud backup recording customers will always be able to see what happened lately, even if the restaurant is currently closed.

cloud backup recording

2. As a convenient means of information dissemination

Built-in cameras with cloud archive can be an effective way to inform of anything: it is better to see once than hear a hundred times! Live Event Broadcasting is becoming increasingly popular, and WLTT cloud video surveillance service provides resources for this purpose.

3. As a source of information or entertainment

There is another interesting scope of application of built-in cameras: educational and entertaining. Videos broadcasted from non-trivial spaces can become a source of new knowledge or just cheer up the viewers.

Built-in cameras can be imbedded into a website or a blog for a variety of reasons. In case you own some kind of new extraordinary place, organize an event or if you just have something to show – you should do it! Just a little bit of fantasy – and cloudy video surveillance will open new aspects of your business, and not only to your customers, but also to yourself.

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