How to make ad campaigns more efficient?

What is the common meaning of advertising campaign? Template “selling” message + monotype graphics or a plainly promotional multimedia content. Even a bare thought of all this brings boredom. No wonder such ad campaigns do not inspire customers – they simply do not arouse their interest and trust.

Is there a way out? Actually, yes. Clients need motivation and a bit of surprise. For example, you may use online broadcast to tell about your business and to show its advantages so to say, alive. We have rounded up a selection of interesting case studies on how the owners of different businesses use public broadcasting on their websites.

Public broadcasting for restaurants and cafes

Client: pizzeria / restaurant chain

Broadcasting idea: customers can watch their pizza being prepared directly on the website or in their personal account.

Public broadcasting for service industries

Broadcasting idea: customers can get acquainted with personnel supervising their projects and even ask them to wave to the cameras.

Client: car tuning studio

Broadcasting idea: customers can monitor their order processing, no matter where they are. Car enthusiasts can evaluate skills of professionals, explore the latest trends in auto tuning and become customers.

Client: Maks Car Rental

Broadcasting idea: Broadcasting idea: customers can see your carpark to choose your favorite car

Client: boxing club

Broadcasting idea: to show potential customers club facilities, equipment, lessons and demonstrative fights with a view to their inclusion and involvement.

Fitness clubs and ski resorts also frequently organize public broadcasting. In the first case they show not only the developed sports facilities, but also the current number of visitors. In the second – potential customers see a demonstration of real weather conditions. Our next case refers to the second group.

Client: windsurfing station

Broadcasting idea: going windsurfing, not knowing the real state of weather, is difficult not only for beginners but even for the experienced surfers. Live Broadcast helps to determine the real situation in the sea.

Client: installation company

Broadcasting idea: to show how to remove cameras previously installed by the company.

Public broadcasting for tourism industry



Client: My Beach Phuket Resort

Broadcasting idea: to demonstrate the proposed hotels and resorts in real time.

Client: Hotel «Marina Phuket Resort»

Video broadcast links: Marina Phuket Resort & Spa and My Beach Phuket & Spa

Broadcasting idea: an opportunity to show beautiful local sights from anywhere in the world – to attract tourists.

Public broadcasting for construction companies

Client: real-estate developer

Broadcasting idea: to show real-time situation on the construction sites, to increase confidence of potential customers

Interesting case studies, aren’t they? They all work perfectly, since they:

  • are original and unusual,
  • show the real situation (rather than ideal picture shown in Photoshop photographs / commercials shot in 10 doubles),
  • open real “face” of the business and bring it closer to customers,
  • help to differentiate businesses from their competitors.

You can follow their example and set up a camera with built-in WLTT service, just in a few clicks create your own public broadcast and build it into your website. See our instructions below on how to do this.