New generation video surveillance cameras

Today the world market for video surveillance equipment and security management is experiencing immense growth. People are becoming more interested in their own safety and safety of their families, protection of private property and control of the activities of third parties. The more professional system, the more time is needed for its design. In such cases highly experienced specialist is involved and possibly not alone. The equipment is quite different in its price category. Some customers may have an opportunity to buy the most expensive and sought-after cameras and systems, while others have quite limited budget. In our time it is not a problem at all, rather the opposite – an incentive to find effective solutions.

Thus, if the security system permits the use of digital cameras, it is intended to include video assets securing video surveillance to analog and digital equipment. Computer surveillance systems organize cyclic recording to a hard drive. In cases of emergencies, records are exported and analyzed, in some cases even by the law enforcement agencies.

For the purpose of saving disk space modern systems support active recording function and recorders can be turned on only in cases when the camera or the motion sensor receives a signal of changes happened to the video image or a warning of the alarming situation.

Video surveillance cameras with hard drive

Security systems, even professional ones, prefer to install digital systems with the presence of wires and even without them. This technique has a number of advantages: high performance, the implementation of high-quality video to hard drives of multiple cameras. Furthermore, digital system offers a convenient means of data collecting and analytical information processing while computer’s hard drive allows you to quickly organize recording time and other specific criteria of the events logged.

Video surveillance cameras with sensor and lighting on motion

When choosing a camera, you’d better pay attention to its compatibility with other cameras and DVR. It is equally important for the camera, whether it uses Ethernet network connection or Wi-Fi 802.11g, these devices are more expensive than standard ones, but when considering installation of surveillance systems, it is better not to return to the old ways, rather to use new, improved approaches to problem solving.

Such a camera mounted in the office or at home, will allow observing proceedings in the zone of its action through a browser or custom application for a mobile device or tablet of the persons concerned. Models equipped with microphones improve functionality even further. Their compressed to H.264 and H.265 codecs video stream not only transmits data over the network, but can also save it to your hard drive.

Connected IP-camera operates independently from the local network, with no need to use a computer. It is equipped with all the necessary means for transmitting data and by means of hardware compression provides high quality image and speed of transmission. More expensive models contain a motion sensor, FTP-client and an opportunity to send data directly to the server in a cloud-based video surveillance system. When working with the camera it is necessary to configure the router in order to pass traffic from a local network. Although such innovations have a relatively high cost, expenses can be justified and acquitted already after the first time the camera was used, besides, they are ideal in cases with high requirements for security and safety systems.