What motivates people when choosing video surveillance cameras for home security? That’s right! Easy installation and setting, ease of use and reliability. That, as they say, set – and forgotten. You did your part, and now let the technique works.

In this article we have gathered 4 recommendations so that subsequently the desired home video surveillance system was no different from the real one.

  1. Decide on purpose.

Why do you need a surveillance camera? To look after your child for a couple of nights while you are forced to return home late from work? To be sure that everything is all right at home, as long as you are away? Or maybe, just to find out where do candies / slippers / pot of geraniums on the window permanently disappear?

Home video surveillance is used for a variety of purposes:

  • for babysitting services;
  • to monitor the apartment / house / villa in the absence of its owners;
  • to care for elderly relatives;
  • to monitor parking, entrance to the house, etc.;
  • to monitor swimming pool;
  • to look after pets;
  • to monitor renovation or construction process;
  • to monitor orchard;
  • generally, for anything!
  1. Decide whether you really need to buy a camera.

It is worth buying camera if you do not need video surveillance on a continuing basis, – only for a few times? In this case, you can quickly create an excellent surveillance system right out of what you have on hand: smartphone / Android tablet or web camera.

But if you need video surveillance system on a constant basis, – certainly it’s better to find a camera with a necessary set of functions.

If you already have an IP-camera, but for some reason watching local video is not an option for you – that can also be solved.

  1. Decide how many cameras do you need.

This is quite simple. If you want to organize video surveillance in a city apartment, decide whether it’s important for you to be able to see each and every room, or, on contrary, a single nursery or a hallway will be quite enough.

If you have several cameras, especially of the same type, the best option would be to buy a home surveillance kit. Buying a set is always cheaper than buying all of its elements separately.

In our online shop you will find a versatile video surveillance kit, which includes 4 IP-cameras Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-IW (Wi-Fi) and 1-Compact DVR, allowing you to store videos from all four cameras not just in the cloud, but also locally. This is exactly what you were looking for, right? Well, then we invite you to visit our online store, where you can also find our promotions. But that’s not exactly the point. In our view, a ready video surveillance kit for a detached house – is the most optimum, convenient and economical solution of all the options available in the market.

Likewise, if you are looking for video surveillance designed for a private house, you will need to determine not only observation areas and their number, but also where to install the camera: indoors or outdoors. Once you decide on this criteria, it will be easier for you to determine feature set of the future cameras: don’t forget, in our conditions it’s necessary to use exclusively street cameras for outdoors surveillance – with a high degree of protection against moisture, dust (up to IP66) and heat. Moreover, no one has canceled protection from vandalism – for the safety of cameras themselves.

  1. Store your video records in way that is convenient to you.

And how generally could they be stored? In a cloud, locally (on your camera SD-card or computer) or in both ways at the same time. And no, it’s not that scary as it might seem at first.

  • The easiest and most convenient way – is to store video in a cloud. For cloud video storage you simply need to select the most convenient payment plan, providing means for cloud storage. We recommend you to choose “Premium Home” tariff and specifically 2 of its variations: “Cloud 7” or “Cloud 30.” For more information about the set of services see the detailed specification for each tariff plan.
  • For a local video storage, you can use SD-card camera (for example, Hikvision compact cameras: models DS-2CD2412F-IW or DS-2CD2432F-IW), or a video recorder, for example, like this one…

We’d like to add that you don’t necessarily need to buy a ready video surveillance for home. Ready-made kits are good only in some cases, such as when you need a lot of cameras or when a camera recorder is also required. If you need just one single camera to monitor your child/cat or the front door – just choose the most suitable model. And don’t worry about simplicity of installation of your future mini-surveillance system: in case of WLTT you’ll set everything in just a few minutes!

  • An invaluable advantage is the fact that you don’t need to have a static IP-address to connect to the service, i.e. you can connect cameras using any sort of Internet connection. On a user’s demand a request is being sent to the server located at the facility, and the system automatically delivers the requested data.
  • You are absolutely not limited in your movements: no matter where you are, do not worry – thanks to WLTT service you can always see what’s going on in your house, villa, working place or any other place where the camera is installed. No restrictions and full mobility – isn’t that wonderful?
  • With WLTT it will be much easier to manage video surveillance: the service allows you to transfer access to the cameras to a different personal account (not only within your Wi-Fi network, but also outside of it via the Internet) or even share your camera’s video stream with a public. To do this, just click on a button “Share this video” in your personal account and follow the instructions. As a result, it will generate a link which you can publish in social networks or send someone to access this link. If you have a website or run a blog, and you need to build in camera there to broadcast the video, WLTT will do it for you in a couple of clicks, saving you from the mess: it will generate HTML-code to be insert on a website / blog page – it is a question of couple of clicks! Just a few simple steps, and you will be able to share what you are seeing – and again with no limits at all!
  • WLTT service enables you to store your videos in a cloud with access from anywhere via the Internet, whereas without using this service the record is stored merely on a device, transmitting the video. At the same time, you will be able to watch videos not only in real time mode, but also from the archive records. It is worth noting that the cloud is deployed on servers with SSD-drives which allow you to read information very quickly and have a lower endurance: your data is safe and continuously reachable! And you have virtually unlimited control and confidence in the fact that nothing will ever be lost or hidden from you.